Numb (Official Video) – Linkin Park

Numb (Official Video) – Linkin Park

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+. , , kXYiU_JCYtU ,, , 722962089 , 4.89 , Linkin Park “Numb” off of the album METEORA. Directed by Joe Hahn. | iTunes: … , 1173082320 , 2007-03-05 08:12:00 , 3:7 , UCZU9T1ceaOgwfLRq7OKFU4Q , Linkin Park , 4157667 , 91732 , , ,
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  1. That's sad how people push her down an nobody stops an helps her.that kinda makes me sad

  2. I remember listening when I was a little kid and just relating to every word. I felt like I wasn't alone and someone knew how I felt. I just found out today what happened and it saddens my heart.


  3. Mi banda Favorita desde mi adolecencia, grande Linkin Park, te llevaré en mi corazón💪❤


  5. It's a shame that this masterpiece hasn't even got 1 mlr. views and that bullshit Despacito has 5 mlr..RIP Legend, you changed my life!🙏❤️

  6. I born at 2005, I listened to this song when I was 5 that mean 2007 from 2007 I am steel listening to this song, it's just make me feel good and happy, but when he dead every time I listen to it it make me sad 😫

  7. Just awesome music. I'm no long time fan, Linkin Park wasn't meaningful to my life, but I can clearly see why they were to millions and I'm sorry to see Chester go. R.I.P., hero of a generation. His legacy will never die.

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