Logic – 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid

Logic – 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid

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  1. I came from Rosalie Avilas death just pray she committed suicide from being bullied and this video and song just like say the truth like people kill themselves from this stuff just heartbreaking

  2. If my dad was war machine, I wouldn't even think about killing myself, I'd be taking my dad's suit out for a spin.

  3. I can relate totally.. but my family totally disowned me .. I remember my mom's saying she didn't raise no homos but the whole time her kids my siblings was molesting me. So I guessed she raised molesters.. thanks logic for this I appreciate you. thanks.. I attempted suicide 4 times last time suicide by police but instead they saw the pain an got me help.

  4. I can relate totally.. but my family totally disowned me .. I remember my mom's saying she didn't raise no fags but the whole time her kids my siblings was molesting me. So I guessed she raised molesters.. thanks logic for this I appreciate you. thanks

  5. OK since I've seen so many comments regarding this topic and people seem to not know what the hell they're taking about, let me educate you:

    As a psychology major, I can tell you with certainty that being gay, lesbian, homosexual, or anything of the sort is in fact NOT a choice. When you're born, there's a part of your brain that's shaped in a certain way, and some people are born with this structure being smaller than other people's. This structure determines what sex you are attracted to, and even if you think that people can change who they're attracted to, that is IMPOSSIBLE. People can mask this attraction, but regardless will still feel it; take for example a man who had several children with a woman, and finally came out because he was so unhappy.

    Additionally, homosexuality IS natural, it's been observed in over 500 other species of animals. Also, in terms of studies attempting to change the attraction of homosexual people, there has been a 0% success rate, so I don't know what more proof you want.

    So instead of telling people to change themselves because it's 'wrong' or 'right' , accept them for who they are, and let them live a happy life like any human being deserves. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same beliefs as you.

  6. This video really came out 1 year after I’m Sorry… talk about coincidences.

  7. Nobody will see this comment so I'll just write this for myself. This song saved me and now I feel that life has much more value not just for me but everyone around me. I hope one day I can be able to save as many lives as this video did. If you stumbled upon this random comment, then godbless

  8. This song honestly have me in extra push to continue with life and be successful! Don't ever give up. You're life matters! Hmu if you ever need to talk. I know what it's like to need someone to talk too. Please don't ever give up.

  9. Gets home from 1st day of high school gets on phone listens to this song mom walks in mom: are you ok ur crying?
    Me:I'M FINE!

  10. if you cried then you can relate it gets better, lifes long with so much more better than what your going through stay strong stay alive it's worth it trust

  11. I love a happy ending. Be good to your children or they'll carry it with them in everything they do.

  12. My dad committed suicide a little more than a year ago and this song makes me cry every time I hear it! I know he would have loved this song! I wish he would have heard it before taking his own life. I miss him every day and wish he knew how much this would hurt my family! Please stay strong guys! You are not alone!

  13. Not to be an asshole but Logic totally stole the idea from Joyner Lucas. Joyner has his 508 album already started when Logic decides out of the blue to make a album with a phone number that was about suicide JUST like Joyner's. And he gets more views. I agree that he should be sharing this and the song is great but not the way he's doing it by taking someone else's idea like that. Straight-up disrespectful dude.

  14. Did that black guy turn out to be gay please answer my question

  15. WTF?? hey I'm raps and i will be a super star coming soon 😉

  16. Отличный видеоряд, когнитивная нагрузка. В России такого нет. У нас боятся таких тем. У вас здоровое общество.

  17. the kids in the video are gay. yup. that's what u get for reading the comments before u watch the video

  18. This song made people Change their mind about killing them self thanks for helping people logic just thank you like and comment if you feel the same

  19. This song and this music video really make me emotional and it moves me. I cried watching this. So, so many of us can relate to this. Logic is such a great artist, and I’m so glad he can talk about real things like this. We need more artists like him.

  20. DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM i just stumbled into vid and its so damn deep ( not in a dirty way)

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