Ed Sheeran – Happier [Official Audio]

Ed Sheeran – Happier [Official Audio]

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  1. I don't know what to do, I miss this one guy very fucking much but I don't want to date rn. I can't just ask him to wait until I would like to date and he has the right to move on. He said he had feelings for me but he seems to be moving on (we dated but broke up a while ago)
    I just fucking miss him

  2. "But if he breaks your heart like lovers do, just know that I'll be waiting here for you" 😭😭😭

  3. If I could fix everything I would but damn do you look happier without me after all I said to you

  4. Cuz baby you look happier, you do!
    My friends told me one day I feel it too!
    And until then I'll smile to hide the truth!
    But I know I was happier with you!


  5. Love isnt a game and it still hurts that shes not by my side anymore

  6. This actually relates to my friend.. it was so sad cuz my sister cheated on him. Even though that my friend is not my relative i still vote for him and im so pissed at my sister. When his friends told him he will feel it too but he didnt listen so when he saw the guy with my sister he was so sad :(. So my sister was happy with the other guy but my friend is happier with her. So right now he is just smiling to hide the truth even though its really obvious that he really really misses my sister

  7. "but my darling im still in love with you" my ex hurt me.. so much yet im still in love with him and im not sure why.. i feel like a total bitch because im dating another kid now who really likes me and treats me well, but i only started dating him to get over my ex and its not working.. (yes ik thats messed up in so many ways..)

  8. i'm not an ed sheeran fan but i'm sad and this song is how i feel

  9. I learned i liked him after listening to this and seeing them together.

    I'm his best friend. Hes not like the kids in my school. I'm in 7th grade and I'm the loser. Everyone likes him cuz he's super nice. But he's not friends with them like he is me. He's dating this girl who i wrote a fanfiction with in 5th grade. I wrote 61 chapters, she wrote 3 chapters, and she told everyone she alone wrote it. I haven't liked her for a strong while. He doesnt deserve any girl because he's so nice. He's nerdy and a fanboy but not like me, but he's super smart too. And he's such a good guy. My friends bave shipped me and him since 6th grade and listening to this, telling Bella, his girlfriend about the storm while checking his weather app, made me realize how pissed I was about them. But so also learned I might've liked someone who wasn't a fictional character or Ed Sheeran. I might actually be into someone.

    But i hate to see them together.

    I hate to see him happier with her.

  10. 0:21 and 0:25 sounds like a bit of autotune (ik artists have autotune but they normally hide it well) (if you don't know how autotune sounds, it sounds a bit robotic sometime) NO HATE!!

  11. I want to send this to someone but I’m shy to do that 😛 ps this song is so emotional ;-;

  12. I'm the one who dumped my ex, and now I miss her everyday..

  13. "Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself, you're happier aren't you?" Ugh 💔

  14. U k it's not like this is 5th time I've heard this song on repeat in a row

  15. At 2:13 when he says “But my darling I am still in love with you” it always makes my heart drop, It’s just the way he says it gives me goosebumps and it makes me feel a little sentimental

  16. "but if he breaks your heart like lovers do… remember that i waiting her for you…"

  17. I'm henry Cobb I'm writing to Scarlett Wallace as soon as she dumped me she asked out my best friend I never cry but as soon as I got in I was crying my eyes out I still love you Scarlett

  18. Don't know what you have until its gone, cherish what you have! This man sings heart and soul❤

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