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Saiba Como Funciona a Ferramenta que realmente está funcionando de forma profissional, para de procurar gambiarras que pode resultar em cancelamento de sua conta no Instagra!Saiba mais clicando AQUI   

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A dica assim parou de funcionam, Veja aqui qual é a nova dica que esta funcionando!

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  1. Dom has no chill. Literally at the beginning of the vlog he picked his nose

  2. Discipline, what does that mean? It means I can't drink 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. It's kinda of like one year of vlogs, except he doesn't post everyday so it's been longer than a year, but still tho.

  4. Ok. David. I want to live with you. Take ALL my money. I only have 30 dollars

  5. How'd you get Mr. Bean to agree to be in your vlogs!? You should hang with all the celebrities don't you!

  6. actually loled at the bread sweat towel! and you guys carrying that dude in like a dead spider. He puked up his whole soul.

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