Backwards Edition | Dude Perfect

Backwards Edition | Dude Perfect

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+. , , _GgfLZFj6kM ,, , 49100474 , 4.90 , EVERYTHING is backwards! ▻Click HERE for a chance to shoot a backwards shot for $1 Million Dollars! ▻Click here to see our BONUS video:… , 1427148201 , 2015-03-23 22:03:21 , 5:39 , UCRijo3ddMTht_IHyNSNXpNQ , Dude Perfect , 436886 , 8732 , , ,
A dica assim parou de funcionam, Veja aqui qual é a nova dica que esta funcionando!

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  1. Buttery backwards bowl is pretty easy. I learned it like in 15minutes

  2. I MADE A BACKWARDS STRICK INSPIRED BY TYLER So thank you for you the insprations

  3. You guys wear your shirt backwards but one you guys didn’t I think it was not sure

  4. I did this before at the bowling alley today and i did it backward and when i went to let go
    I alipped and hit my nose on thw ground and then peopel werw yelling at me to turn around and i made a steike with the help of a lucky nosebleed

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